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Advancing in age brings about many changes and these changes can affect virtually every part of life. Many times, these changes can also prompt the need for the elderly to receive extra assistance getting through a normal daily routine.

It is easy to recognise the problem of the elderly being unable to complete vital daily living activities, including personal care, because these include attending to our most basic needs.

The inability to complete routine daily activities without assistance may cause seniors to feel helpless, or even damage their self esteem and mental health. However, in-home care can provide invaluable assistance for elderly seniors who are struggling, while also fostering a sense of friendship and positivity.

Personal Care for the Elderly

“Personal care” refers specifically to support and/or supervision with daily activities. Our home care professionals provide personal care support which play a vital role in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle for seniors in need.

The six major daily activities are:


One of the things that can negatively impact how you feel about yourself is when you are unhappy with your appearance. Other people’s opinions aside, just knowing that you are well groomed and clean is an excellent way to promote happiness and satisfaction within yourself.   Our home care professionals can help you with all manner of personal grooming related tasks.

Bathing & Hygiene

Maintaining a good level of personal hygiene is important for your health and wellbeing. Bathing assistance is included in personal care—spanning from sponge baths for seniors who are less mobile, to supervision in the shower or bath to ensure their safety. Additionally, our care professional can help you with a myriad of personal hygiene-related tasks such as skin care, shaving, and/or brushing teeth.


Many times, if an individual has severe mobility problems, assistance may be necessary to help them to safely get in/out of bed and around their living space. Safety is the highest priority as with aging, the elderly who are struggling with mobility are more likely to be susceptible to injury should a fall or other accident occur. Light stretching and other exercises for seniors are often recommended in order to help maintain joint mobility.


When necessary, our care team can prepare meals and assist to feed seniors who are otherwise unable to feed themselves in a manner that promotes the dignity and respect that each individual is entitled to.

Toileting/Continence Care

Attending to daily toileting needs or providing continence care is critical. Toileting needs may range from supervision to helping seniors during the entire toileting process. Should continence care be needed, then our care team can ensure that needs are met in a sanitary manner. Our care team understand how personal of an issue this can be and are trained to approach these situations with tact and sensitivity.


Dressing is a basic part of daily life, but dressing and undressing can present significant difficulties and safety hazards for some people. Assisting you with getting dressed and ready for the day and changing into night clothes before bed is a valuable component of our home care services.


Assessing Levels of Care

Because each individual has their own unique needs, the type of care and level of care for every individual may differ. Although the level of assistance may vary, any form of support will always focus on safely meeting the care requirements of a senior. For example, some seniors may only need supervision with bathing to ensure safety, while others may be completely reliant upon hands-on assistance and are unable to complete the task on their own.

During a home care assessment, a senior’s ability to perform major daily living activities will be assessed. This assessment will identify what things the senior is struggling with and to what degree of support they need to successfully complete them.

Enriching Quality of Life

Just surviving, or simply performing those actions needed to get by each day in as basic a manner as possible, is no way for anyone to live. As age advances, and physical impediments begin to grow, the seniors may begin to feel trapped by their limitations. By working with our home care team, seniors can develop a plan that will allow them to enrich their days, instead of simply surviving them.

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